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Vinnare E-cigg-tävling Mars, 2016
Grattis Ronja i Visby som kammade hem vinsten av ett startpaket från cigoteket!

Vinnare E-cigg-tävling Juli, 2016
Grattis Zakarias i Göteborg som vann den superheta Nebox från cigoteket!!

Håll utkik, snart kommer en ny eciggtävling!

Electronic cigarettes - What is it?

An e cigarette is an electronic device that creates vapor with the help from liquid (e-juice) which serves to correspond to regular tobacco smoke. There is e-juice with nicotine and without nicotine.

Both chargable and disposable e cigarettes are available on the world market and other variants are almost countless.

E cigarettes have during the past years exploaded in popularity. There are today thousands of retailers of e cigarettes. And this is where comparesmokes.com come into the picture - We help you in seconds, easy and free to find the absolute best electronic cigarette start kit for your needs.